Environment Canada Marine Survey

By Nick on December 6, 2012

To: Boating and Marine Associations, Their Members and Mariners

Re: Marine Weather Services Survey: Please participate and share with other Mariners


Environment Canada (EC) is responsible for providing marine weather and ice information, and issuing all marine weather alerts for Canadian waters. Environment Canada is committed to understanding the needs of mariners. We are conducting a survey to better understand those needs and the use of our services.


We would like as many mariners as possible to complete the survey. If you are a mariner please take a few minutes to complete the survey. If you know other mariners who may be interested in participating, please share this invitation with them.


Your participation will remain completely confidential and anonymous. Results will be used to shape the weather information that EC provides to mariners.


To begin this survey, please click here:



If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact Daniel Huang at 709-256-6608 or daniel.huang@ec.gc.ca.


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