Dare to be Deep

By Nick on May 7, 2012

A campaign by thebigwild.org. Do something small to save something big!

“Sometimes, to make real change happen, we have to take risks. We have to be daring.

In partnership with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, we’re working to inspire 12,000 Canadians across the country who believe deeply in the future of Canada’s marine ecosystems. The Dare to be Deep campaign plans to present our federal government with 12,000 names in support of 12 protected marine areas by the end of 2012. Are you ready to take the plunge and add your name?”

Have a look here to take action. It will take you all but 1 miinute to fill the petition out. for a good cause:

I quote: “As a country, our connection to the ocean runs deep. We live in a place with the longest coastlines on the planet. Yet less than 1% of Canada’s ocean territory is protected through meaningful long-term conservation measures. The Big Wild is working with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) to ensure 12 proposed marine areas are protected.

Together, we hope to mobilize 12,000 Canadian voices to support the goal of gaining 12 new marine protected areas by December, 2012. That’s 1,000 voices for every proposed new marine protected area. As soon as we reach 12,000 names, CPAWS will present our collective message to the Prime Minister.

How Do We Know Which 12 Habitats Need Immediate Protection?

Seven years ago, the federal government made a commitment to establish networks of marine protected areas in all of our oceans by 2012. While that promise won’t be met in time, Canada can still make progress by creating 12 new marine protected areas this year. All of these sites are recognized for their importance in nurturing sea life based on science and research.”

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