Don’t take our word for it, find out what our students and clients have had to say about Active Sea Kayaking.  What they have taken and where it has led them.  Contact Us to book your course today, we hope to see you soon.

Martin Pultz

I love the water, the ocean and my kayak.  I’ve taken the Introductory Kayaking, Level 1 and Level 2 Paddle Canada courses with Nick at Active Sea Kayaking.  Nick inspires confidence, trust and has an eye like a hawk for proper paddling technique and rolling.  Vancouver Island is my playground during rain, sun and surf.  I feel confident that I can conduct myself in an appropriate and safe manner while maximizing my fun.  Nick and Active Sea Kayaking has broaden my horizons and given me the ability to explore them as well.  I’ll be back to take the Level 3!

Rob D.

By far Nick is one of the best outdoor instructors that I have ever come across. With his guidance I have been able to progress and develop my sea kayaking skills to a level I didn’t think I’d achieve.  I would highly recommend Active Sea Kayaking to anyone looking to safely learn new paddling skills, or fine tune existing ones.

Sheila P.

The courses I have done with Nick have covered everything from basic strokes to sensational surfing. I chose him as an instructor because his enthusiasm is infectious and he takes the time to ensure that I really understand all aspects of what I am trying to learn. Importantly, Nick is able to ‘read’ my body language, and check in with me, when I am overly stressed or tired. This helps me learn in optimal emotional states. I have recommended Nick to many of my friends and can’t wait until my next course.

Steve I.

Fantastic course! Best two days I’ve had in a long time. Learned tonnes, good mix of theory and practice, and discovered a whole new body’s worth of muscles I wasn’t aware of, Thanks Nick!!!

Steve B.

I really enjoyed your 2 day Current Course in March. It more than met my expectations. Your teaching style, knowledge and professionalism on the water and with our video session allowed me to learn a bunch of skills and, I had great fun doing it! I also really liked your selection of paddling venues for the course. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.

Jarrod M.

I took two courses with Nick at Active Sea Kayaking. I would recommend them to anyone – fun, professional, knowledgeable and engaging. You will leave the course excited about paddling and he will open your eyes to all the possibilities sea kayaking has to offer!


Despite the beauty of the area and the exciting challenges put to us, the highlight of the program I took in the fall of 2011 was the quality of instruction. I found the instructors to be extremely knowledgeable, passionate about what they do, and committed to sharing as much quality information with the students as possible. We had lots of opportunities to push our limits and improve our paddling skills, navigation and safety in a respectful and genuinely caring environment. I would recommend Active Sea Kayaking to anyone who desires to improve their paddling skills enjoyment and safety, after all, quality instruction is what they specialize in!

Mody B.

I have taken a lot of courses in the 5 years I have been paddling and I would have to say the recent Current Course I took with Active Sea Kayaking is at the top of my list. Nick is fun, professional, approachable and knowledgeable. If you are a visual learner, Nick has created a fabulous and effective exercise to do on land before hitting the water that you will love! The next day, we re-did that exercise and I found it really helped make the theory stick in my mind. On the water, I was surprised that Nick used new and simple ways to describe the physical action my body should be doing during specific skills that really helped me refine and improve my technique. That kind of knowledge and ability really impressed me. I was pretty nervous going into the course, as I knew I would be pushing my comfort zone to the max. I felt respected, encouraged and supported all the time and also put very much at my ease by the good humour and confidence Nick exudes. In the end, I don’t think I have ever laughed so much during a course! Tons of learning aside, it was an incredibly fun 2 days and I definitely feel my expectations were more than met. Not only did I test and improve my skills, I took away a significant boost in my confidence. That is quite a successful outcome for a course. If you are thinking of taking anything from an entry level course to an advanced one, I would highly recommend Active Sea Kayaking! You will love every minute of it!