Skook course 2013

By Nick on December 4, 2012

 Surfing Standing waves

In 2013 we are going to run a few Skook courses.

If you are not familiar with Skook, or Skookumchuck Narrows, then this is probably not a course for you.
Dates: Program Geared toward both international paddlers and local paddlers. April 21-22-13  //  June 2-3-possibly 4  //  July 29-30-31
Cost: $200/300 per day depending on Accommodation and food package

This program will focus on paddling in large tidal currents, in long boats. We will look at  paddling the area safely, dealing with rescues in those conditions, crossing eddy line and getting on the wave, stern rudders, surfing, cut backs… At that level we work on subtle changes, tactical paddling, linking strokes, developing power.
Dates to run this kind of course are limited due to the Specific Current speed we need. Too fast and it foams out, too slow and there is not much to play with….
Then space on the course is limited as well, because this is a high end program, small ratio (participants to Instructors), and to promote safety and control.

A few Facts:
-This year, the Skook classes will be taught by myself (Nick Castro with ASK) and Rowan Gloag (THR).
- For international students, we require you show proof of Travel insurance (specifically for this course).
- Daily rate is $200-300 per day. This include 2 Instructors full time, a maximum of 5 participants , and video analysis in the evening (we provide the installation and a place for that).
It also includes indoor accommodation, and food (Rate $300/day). This is done in an effort to keep energy level high, with good sleep and lots of food 3 times a day (you will need the energy..).

The beauty of the course is that with Rowan and I there you are going to be able to know the place and the tricks to enjoy Skook on your first trip, and possibly feel ready to come back on your own later. It really take the stress level down and allow you to concentrate on your skills. For a lot of participants this is a long way home, and unless you have a serious whitewater background, you could come here and fail to get on the wave for a few days if nobody was there to show you the ropes.

We feel that 4 to 5 participants will be a good number. In scenarios it will great to have a few paddlers ready to go at anytime, and paddling Skook is very tiring, so taking turn and managing your energy level is important. Because of the location there is a lot of learning to be done from the rocks, watching. We’ll probably rotate groups of 3 in and out once the initial spurt of energy is gone!
It is also a great location for filming, so we will get some footage and work on video analysis in the evenings. Plus you get to take your footage home at the end….
There is really a range of skills to work on in that area, and you will get plenty of challenges. We require a certain skills level form the participants so get in touch if you are interested.
This course is 3 days long with faster current speed every day, so a great progression and a good set up for success.


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