Sea Kayak Rentals

Single Kayaks

We offer kayaks made of different materials, from different companies, ranging in size from 16 ft to 18 ft, suitable for day paddles to expeditions.We hope you find what you are looking for.

Cadence from Formula

This boat is no longer made, too bad. It’s a fiberglass kayak,

  • LENGTH: 17’10″
  • WIDTH: 22.5″
  • DEPTH: 13.25″
  • WEIGHT: 55 lbs
  • COCKPIT: 17″ by 32″

This is a skeg boat, not overly fast even though I have toured in it at 4 Knots. But it turns on a dime when edged, and since I have re-glassed all the bulkheads I can say it’s dry. Not a drop of water after playing a few hours in tide races! The original boat had ugly (and if I may say so, not so well designed carry handles), that I have replaced with regular hand toggles. I’ve added 2 end-pours and the bow is actually solid epoxy because the original 3 first inches of the boat are still in a sea cave!!!! Super solid, great performance play boat. The seat is comfy, the back rest as well, and the thigh braces offer a long contact. This boat is designed to fit large paddlers. I am 6 ft tall and around 170 pounds and it’s comfortable after 8 hours of paddling, but not big by any means.

Nordkapp from Valley Kayak

This is a composite skeg boat. Not many kayaks are in a museum, but the Nordkapp is on display at the National Maritime museum in Greenwich, England. The Nordkapp is a classic and has been paddled on expeditions around the world. The build is solid and the storage compartments are 100% dry. If you aren’t familiar with the boat:

  • LENGTH: 17’2″
  • WIDTH: 21″
  • DEPTH: 12″
  • WEIGHT: 55 lbs

It’s a sporty ride, famous for big water performance, fast but you have to provide the secondary stability… in other words, the boat rolls well and it’s great to train on your braces.

Sirocco from Current Design

The Sirocco is Current Designs first roto-molded British style kayak. Based on the popular composite kayak, the Gulfstream, this Hutchinson design will appeal to a broad market who crave performance yet want a skeg boat that is user friendly. This is not a fast boat, but it is the ultimate play boat. Plastic means you can land on rocks, seal launch if you feel like it, it rolls like nothing and thanks to its small size and wide belly, when you edge it turns on its own. The seat has been modified so it doesn’t slide when you move your weight suddenly from one side to the other. Pretty cool ride, and it feels stable.

  • LENGTH: 16’10″
  • WIDTH: 23″
  • DEPTH: 13.25″
  • WEIGHT: 60 lbs
  • COCKPIT: 30″x16.5″

We have a few other models available on request, contact us for more information

If you have a special request, please let us know and maybe we can find your ideal kayak to rent. In general, let us know as soon as you can when you will need a kayak and for how long.