Drysuit Rentals

We are the only company on Vancouver island renting drysuits. We believe it makes a difference for students to have the option of staying warm and comfortable during their learning experience.

The drysuit prevents hypothermia, allows you to train on your rescue skills again and again until you are satisfied, and it helps keep you warm all day long. On rainy days there’s no need to wear rain gear or put on a wet suit that feels heavy and bulky. You’ll be dry whether standing on the dock looking at gear or working on your forward stroke out on the water.

In a drysuit you won’t be so hesitant to edge a little more and try new things. As a result the learning curve becomes steeper and you come to realize that sea kayaks are stable and a capsize is not the end of the world.

Do you need a drysuit? No, but guess what, most instructors have one, and there is a good reason for it!

All our drysuits are new.  Want to know more?  Read and learn more about drysuits and have a look at our testimonials below.

We specialize in sea kayaking instruction and our rental services are aimed toward students. Due to the cost of these garments, rentals are available mostly to our students and to those renting through our partnering companies.

The same is true for our fleet of kayaks, if you have been referred by your instructor to our website, please contact us in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We deliver with a smile!

See you on the water,
Nick Castro


“I can stay on the lake longer during my outings and I’ll be warm and dry. Being warm and dry I can focus more on my paddling, bracing, edging, etc. without fear of being cold when or if I go for a swim. If I’m pushing myself, its generally when I go for a swim. I can stay in the water longer, great if your practicing rescues” – Don

“I am warmer when immersed in water (for rescues, etc), I feel more protected from the splashing waves and rough conditions, I get to look like a mango (oh no, I guess that didn’t help)” - Joanne

“Wearing a drysuit turns an ordeal into a fun adventure. Suddenly being IN the water is as much fun as being IN the kayak! I spend more time under my boat with a smile on my face than ever before.” - Sheila

“A drysuit protects you from the elements, so you can ENJOY the elements as you play around in them. AND the colors are so much nicer than neoprene!” - Dan

“When I know that it’s just my head and hands, and not the rest of me, that will get soaking wet, I genuinely like pushing my edge and taking way more risks. I even like dumping just to get it out of the way, so I can get those jitters out and go on to be really playful in my boat. Without my drysuit, I’d be a scared-stiff, worried paddler.” - Krista

“Dry feet” - Jen

“A drysuit is one of the only pieces of gear we use that actually has the POTENTIAL to keep us safer. It’s saved my life more than once.” - Paul

“I just like staying dry – and not having to spend time drying kit – so easy to pack for a big trip when you can save space on “extra” spare clothes – never did like putting wet clothes or damp wet suits on first thing in the morning. There is also the safety factor when cold water / winter paddling / solo paddling. Renting a suit gives you the chance to try before you buy and check out types of wrist / neck seals – and styles of entry and size” - Martin

“If there is a chance of taking a dunking in rough wate/play, your time paddling and certainally your enjoyment of it may be seriously shortened without one. It also reduces the fear of taking a swim as you know it won’t ruin your day so you will play harder/learn more, I figured that early on and bought my first drysuit before a paddle or a boat!” - John

“A dry suit is better at keeping the wind off you than a wetsuit, so even when wet you can stop for lunch and be warm. Plus you don’t end up smelling like rubber.” - Jason

“Water becomes your element. You enjoy rolling, rescues and swimming.” - Martin