Surf Zone Clinic


Beginner to Intermediate:

Feb 9-10 // March 9-10

The surf zone can be a challenging area to paddle. The longer you paddle, the better your chance of having to deal with it. As you plan your next trip, become confident that launching and landing through surf is manageable.

The course will include some theory about what surf is, its origin, and where you can expect to find it.
Then we’ll get into keeping control of your boat until you touch land, how to communicate with the group as the paddlers following you come in, how to get out of the boat and such things.
Also how to get off the beach and back on the water, punching through surf and where to launch smartly where the surf is smaller.
We will work on broaching, or what to do when you end up sideway on a breaking wave. This course is designed to give you a sense of what the surf zone is, what are the common mistakes you can avoid while dealing with it. If you are worried about where you are going to land at the end of your paddle, you should take that one!
Knowing how to deal with surf is an important skill for anybody planning on paddling the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

  • Surf origin
  • Surf theory
  • Surf etiquette (sharing the play area…)
  • Communication in surf
  • Landing in surf
  • Launching in surf
  • Determining the safest route in the surf zone
  • Surfing (May or may not be part of the course depending on conditions)
  • Rescues in the surf zone (May or may not be covered depending on conditions and group dynamics)
  • Edging, boat control and strokes specific to the surf zone.

Intermediate to Expert:

Come out and try kayak surfing just for the fun of it. There is quite a feeling of freedom to be experienced in surfing. Just as board surfers, you can “catch” waves and ride them.
When surfing you will move all of a sudden much faster than you could ever paddle, and it’s quite simply a little addictive!
You need to be comfortable with the upside-down position if you are to play in the surf, rolling is certainly a helpful skill as well (not a requirement but a nice bonus for you).
The surf zone has been forever and all over the world a source of amazement, respect, and a draw…. even small waves are quite powerful and can be exciting!
In the last few years we have promoted surfing in long boats and it’s certainly an activity that’s picking up steam. A good course will give you strong a base, skills, and an understanding of the sport and the environment.
Surfing is a complex, dynamic activity, with some risks to the paddler and the other users around him/her.

Take your paddling to the next level, challenge yourself, discover the Surf Zone!

  • Understanding the surf zone
  • Strokes specific to surfing a long boat successfully
  • Power and Position
  • Practical paddling in the surf
  • Bracing and rolling in surf
  • Communication and goals