Rock Garden 101

Here is a quick overview of the things we will discuss and work on during the 2 days of Rock Garden 101:

We also use video footage from day 1 to look at strokes and timing in the evening.

  • Rule number 1: don’t be part of the problem! Decide if you can help better by going in or standing by.
  • Rule number 2: pay attention to communication, other members of the group, the ocean and everything else.
  • Rule number 3: Do it in time. If you get a 13 second period in between waves, whatever you want to do, you have 13 sec to do it, then you’re too late.

Rock Garden Safety And Rescues

We will work on signals, clear and fast communication, traveling formation in the rocks,

We will talk about CLAP in the Rock garden

After that it’s all based on scenarios and exercises, how to use the group to rescue the swimmer, how the swimmer will help themselves, towing or not…

We will look at different rock formation and how to play it, how to be tactical about your placement, your ride, your exit.

We’ll look at how to set a Circuit, with 1 player, 1 watcher, 2 ” rescue boats” in place, planning a way in and out, rotating so everybody get some fun.

Finally we will touch on how to rate rock garden areas, so you can decide whether it’s a good idea to get in there, or not.

A lot of the learning is based on exercises, so bring lots of energy, food and water, helmets, spare paddles. I also ask that every participant bring an overnight kit, small first aid kit, and some dry warm clothing. Plastic boat recommended, repair kits mandatory!

As a group we have to be realistic and aware of the hazards. Rocks, waves and people mix well but sometimes on the open coast, a little extra preparedness won’t hurt.

Contact us with any questions.