Private Courses

We offer private courses for groups, family and businesses.

The programs are the same as offered under our courses section in the menu but you can have a course just for your group. This can be a nice option as everybody knows each other and the energy in the group is already relaxed.

For businesses it can be a treat for a good year of work or an experience to build up your knowledge of each other. Through scenarios you get to work as a team, in a environment that is new and challenging. Natural leaders emerge as the day goes by, some are good at organizing and others shine in their ability to act on instructions.

Strong bonds are built on the water, and good times shared while learning will not be forgotten.

For families, it is a great way to get away from it all without going far. It’s not the faraway location, it’s the new environment that will refresh you. It will also bring a new perspective as the kids might act differently once they are their own captain, and the parents a little slower to throw themselves in this new adventure will enjoy watching their sons or daughters take charge and grow into leaders.

For groups of friends, it’s quite simply a riot!!!!

During private courses we can emphasize a little more on areas of interest, focus on your favorite part of kayaking, get wet often or show off with silly strokes, as long as it stays between us…

Prices will vary but you get a discount, with a minimum of 3 people to qualify ($150/day/person, taxes included), and for larger groups simply contact us for a quote!