Participant Info Package

If you are ready to sign up, it’s time for the paper work!

You can e-mail and request the paper work, once you receive it you print, fill and mail it back to us. I know, I know, paper work doesn’t sound like fun but it’s a necessary evil.

Also in this section, what you will need to enjoy the day with us:


In the morning, before you leave home to come have the best day of your summer with us, peak out the window. This is part of the course but why wait to learn – weather will have an effect on your clothing.

Hot Summer Day

  • Sunglasses are necessary (the glare of the sun on the water will blind you pretty fast).
  • Safety strap for your sunglasses (so that you don’t need to bring 3 pairs!).
  • Sunscreen!
  • Scuba diving mask, or anything that gives you the ability to see underwater and keep the water from flooding your nose. The use of a mask helps most people perform their first upside-down experience without problem….it’s part of the course, might as well be ready for it. Also if you’re lucky you may see a salmon swim by!
  • Immersion gear, even though our days can be quite warm in summer, our water is “fresh”….take my word for it. If you don’t want to wear either of these suits, you are free to do so but it will limit how many times you can perform and train at your rescues. It may also force the group back to shore early if you are cold. In general, you won’t enjoy yourself as much, and as your muscles get cold you’re ability to move and your fine motor skills will decrease. I strongly recommend immersion gear on these courses.A wetsuit will keep you warm, you want nothing bigger than a 3mm neoprene or you won’t be able to touch your toes. Wetsuits tend to irritate the skin in some areas and are not really nice on warm days. But lots of paddlers have used them in the past so why not.A drysuitwill keep you warm, dry, and boost your confidence. You also avoid the shock due to the water temperature when your time comes to go under, and that’s a nice plus.Comfort, confidence, it’s well worth it!  See our drysuit rental section if you don’t have your own and are interested.
  • Change of clothes if you wear a wetsuit.
  • Fleece underwear top and bottom if you wear a drysuit (drysuits are breathable).
  • Footwear such as closed shoes, avoid sandals, and make sure you won’t mind getting them wet.
  • Lots of water, energy bars of your choice, a big lunch and a warm drink in a thermos.

Rainy Summer Day

If it’s pouring rain and there is some wind, pack all of the above and bring some rain gear unless you’ve rented a drysuit. There is some time spent outside on land, so let’s stay warm. Once on the water, a waterproof hat is a nice plus!


You will receive a extensive list of gear once you are registered for the Level 2 course.