Intermediate Programs Level 2

We offer the Level 2 Course by Paddle Canada.  The beauty of the Level 2 is to give you the knowledge to organize your own trips in new areas. The skills and habits you develop from spending 4 days in a row in your kayak are amazing. The average kayaker spends about 10 days a year on the water, so do the math and you’ll see how your skill level could take a serious leap forward.  Eskimo rolling is part of the course, so there is no limit to what you can try once capsizing doesn’t mean rescue anymore.

We cover paddling a loaded boat, Navigation, seamanship and Marine Weather in details, plus advanced strokes and boat control, self and assisted rescues in rough water, paddling in winds and/or currents…. and camping.
At the end of this course, the shoreline of Vancouver Island is yours for good!  See our course calendar for upcoming course dates.


Course Cost
$600 (price includes taxes)

Dates 2013
May 25-28 // Septemeber 21-24 //  Victoria area

Level 2 provides the skills and knowledge for proficient kayaking at sea in moderate conditions, on overnight trips along a moderately exposed coastline with frequent easy landing opportunities.


  • Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 1 skills or equivalent skill and knowledge
  • Experience with at least 3, one day long, kayaking trips in different locations
  • Wilderness First Aid (16 hours) strongly recommended

Course Length
4 days including 1 overnight

Class Ratio
1 instructor: 4 participants

Moderately exposed coastline with frequent easy landing opportunities


  • Moderate winds (12-19 knots)
  • Combined sea state less than 1-metre with a moderate sea state
  • Surf <1 metre
  • Current < 3 knots

Overview of Sea Kayaking Level 2 Skills

Rescue Skills Paddling Skills Knowledge
  • Assisted rescues
  • Unassisted rescues
  • All in rescue
  • Rolling
  • Towing
  • Communication
  • Knots
  • Forward stroke
  • Sweep forward/reverse
  • Reverse stroke
  • Low/high brace turn
  • Draw/sculling draw
  • Low/high brace
  • Bow/stern rudder
  • Equipment
  • Journeying and seamanship
  • Safety
  • Kayaking resources

See our course calendar for upcoming course dates.