Beginner Program (1 day)

We offer the Introduction to Kayaking (1 day course) and Level 1 (2 day Course) by Paddle Canada.  Both of those programs are designed for beginner or novices paddlers. You’ll learn the necessary rescues and strokes needed for a safe and fun time on the water. The flatwater course is a one day introduction to sea kayak basics while the Level 1 Course is a 2 day program that also covers basic theory on tides, currents, weather and charts. See our course calendar for upcoming course dates.

Introduction To Kayaking

Course Cost: $170 (price includes taxes, a sea kayak and all the basic equipment including wetsuit and paddling jacket)

Here is our description, for more info read bellow. This course is all about discovering the activity and deciding if you want to get into it. It’s a fun day on the water looking at equipment, learning about simple strokes and rescues. Stress level is about Zero, you show up with your sunscreen and a lunch, and you’re set to go.

For this course we include the wetsuit and paddling jacket, the gear, the sea kayak and the taxes. Make it easy on you to say yes.  Great day on the water with friends and family, but you might just get addicted to it!

This course take place in Cadboro Bay where we meet at Gyro Park in the morning around 845.  After looking over the paper work the day begins by a good look at kayak, gear, paddles… Then on the water for 2 hours of strokes, end rescues for the adventurous. Lunch and then back on the water from 1pm to 430pm, working on more strokes and some assisted and self rescues. There is a very nice place for coffee and food just up the road to celebrate the end of the day…

Aim: Flatwater introduces the novice to paddling a kayak in calm, sheltered water.
Rescue techniques at this level incorporate the use of a paddling partner and it is essential for all Flatwater certified paddlers to travel on the water with others who have been trained in the techniques of assisted rescues.


Course Length
8 hours minimum

Class Ratio
1 instructor: 6 students

Enclosed and sheltered with easy landing options immediately present. This course can be conducted in a pool.


  • Wind calm (< 8 knots)
  • Sea state calm to rippled

Overview of Flatwater Kayaking

Rescue Skills Paddling Skills Knowledge
  • Wet Exit
  • Retrieving a swamped kayak
  • Eskimo Rescue
  • T- rescue
  • Rafting
  • Lifting and carrying a kayak
  • Forward and reverse paddling
  • Forward and reverse sweep strokes
  • Draw strokes
  • Low Brace
  • Edging
  • Boat design
  • Boat Outfitting
  • Clothing
  • Safety equipment
  • Paddles
  • Injury Prevention
  • Equipment care
  • Kayaking resources

See our course calendar for upcoming course dates.