Beginner Program (2 days)


Course Cost: $280 (price includes taxes, sea kayak and all the basic equipment).
Dates: May 18-19 // June 1-2 // July 7-8 // July 13-14 // Aug 17-18 // Sept 14-15
Location: Cadboro Bay Victoria BC

The Level 1 is a 2 day course for beginners that want to go paddling. You learn to be efficient with your strokes and rescues (Self and assisted rescues). You  touch on theory about tides, currents, marine weather forecast, charts, a little about towing, maybe some rolling for the adventurous.  This program gives you the ability to go for a paddle in the bay and feel in control, gives you the tools to understand the environment and keep you safe. It’s also 2 days in the boat so you really get a feel for paddling. Same as with riding a bike, the first little bit is the hardest, once you’re used to it it feels like nothing. So at the end of The Level1, you’ve come a long way! It’s still a very simple course, with no stress or anything too technical. This is the course I recommend to anybody who seriously wants to get into paddling. The first big step….

This course take place in Cadboro Bay where we meet at Gyro Park in the morning around 845. First a good look at kayak design, equipment, kayaking clothing…. Then a few hours of strokes, to break the ice. Lunch in the Bay and then on to more strokes and a few rescues, off the water by 430pm to save some energy for day 2!
The morning of day 2 we park at Gyro park again and walk to the Coffee shop up the block for a Theory session on Tides, currents, charts and marine weather. An early lunch outside and then refining our techniques, looking at efficient rescues and some towing scenarios. By the end of the day you feel rock solid in your boat and ready to head back home for a big dinner.

Level 1 provides the skill and knowledge for day long sea kayaking trips in sheltered waters (non-wilderness areas). Successful completion of Level 1 indicates competence to paddle a sea kayak within a sheltered bay in the company of one or more paddlers with Level 1 or greater skill and knowledge. This is the course for you if you’ve decided you’re going to sea kayak and you want to get started. It covers all the basics needed for your paddling adventure until you want to try an overnight or paddle across the channels in search of new shorelines…. Beginner Programs (2 days)

None, beginners welcome on this course.

Course Length
12 hours minimum

Class ratio
1 instructor: 6 participants

Sheltered waters with uninterrupted easy landing options


  • Light winds (0-11 knots)
  • Current (0-0.5 knots)
  • Sea state calm to light chop

Overview of Sea Kayaking Level 1 Skills

Rescue Skills Paddling Skills Knowledge
  • Eskimo rescue
  • Unassisted re-entry
  • Assisted re-entry
  • Towing
  • Communication/signals
  • Forward stroke
  • Brace low/high
  • Sweep
  • Draw
  • Stern Rudder
  • Equipment
  • Journeying and seamanship
  • Safety
  • Kayaking resources

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