Really, I think most of the videos listed bellow are good to watch just for entertaining value. But they also open the door to paddling as an extreme sport, a way of traveling far and unsupported, all those side of kayaking that the public never hear about.

They can do it, you can do it, and it’s so much fun I cannot emphasize how much I’d like you to see it! Those movies take you to far away locations, to kayaking in surf, tide races, and there is always some footage close to home – if your home is Vancouver Island of course.

This Is The Sea

My name is Justine Curgenven, I wanted to make a video to show that sea kayaking is exciting and dynamic, and here it is“.

This is how This Is The Sea starts and she clearly achieves her goal! You can now download the DVD on their website, or watch the trailer on Cackle TV.

This Is The Sea Two

If you thought This Is The Sea was incredible, wait till you see the sequel, This Is The Sea Two.  Beautiful footage over and over again, standing waves you won’t believe, awesome paddlers and FUN FUN FUN – that’s what this is all about.

Have a look at the trailer on Cackle TV.


The Ultimate Guide To Sea Kayaking is a four-part video by World Champion Kayaker, Ken Whiting, and expert sea kayaker Alex Matthews, which provides both new and experienced paddlers with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and comfortably enjoy sea kayaking.  DVD by Ken Whiting and Alex Matthews. You can buy it here.

Pacific Horizons

Pacific Horizons is a local movie, most of it was filmed in your backyard – if not yours… then mine for sure.  It contains amazing footage, lots of wildlife, big water action and expeditions.  What else could you ask for???  Have a look for yourself and enjoy. You can find it here.


Gordon Brown is currently the most sought out instructor in the UK. Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown has some very clear points describing strokes with good points of view. I met Gordon Brown and thought he was a super nice guy and very knowledgeable, so I may be biased in my judgment.


Sea Kayak Rescues looks at general concepts regarding rescues, in flat water, more dynamic water and then rough waters.  The DVD is only 25 minutes long, and does not give you any details about how to perform the rescues. They are demonstrated and looked at from a problem solving perspective.

This Is The Sea Three

She’s back in her third dvd!  See two more hours of sea kayaking footage.

Have a look at the trailer on Cackle TV.

This Is The Sea Four

Yet again Justine Curgenven returns. This sequel covers three more fascinating expedition stories and much more.

Have a look at the trailer on Cackle TV.