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Our Mission

Our Mission is to have expert paddlers instruct courses for beginners, helping them along on their paddling journey. We are both professional educators and talented paddlers. Our goals is to teach you the skills you are looking for. Come and get Top Instruction with Top Paddlers. We offer you the ability to become a self sufficient paddler, opening the door to day trips in your area or expeditions around Vancouver Island. We offer instruction to paddlers of all skill levels and believe that no matter if this is your first day on the water, or your 10th year out there, you deserve a Professional instructor with the highest level of expertise. All our teachers are trained and currently recognized by Paddle Canada.

Vancouver Island offers incredible sea kayaking opportunity, and our Customers come from around the world to learn here with us. We also have a smaller ratio of clients/instructor and are free to conduct our courses in the best locations. Our fleet and gear is made up of a wide selection of brands, styles, and performance kayaks so that you get to try out as many options as possible. We are also the only shop on Vancouver Island that offers drysuit rentals to our students to boost their confidence and comfort, as well as their safety. And we are always there afterward to answer a question, give you information, and go paddle!

This website is designed to tell you about us, but also to inform you about the great sport of kayaking.  Visit our blog, kayak topics, and resources sections and find out more about kayaking.

What Is Instruction?

At Active Sea Kayaking, instruction is what we do, and all we do. We paddle year around, attend national sea kayak instructor conferences, and update our training yearly. We seek the locations that best suit the courses and pay attention to each student’s learning style and goals. We approach sea kayak instruction from a professional point of view, and you’ll benefit from it!

We believe instruction is about giving you the tools and skills to become an efficient and safe paddler. It includes helping you find your dream boat, learn the strokes you need for your adventures, and answering any questions you have about the sport. Instruction includes everything from trying out different PFDs on the water to reading a chart, recording your marine weather and how to load your boat on your vehicle.

Whether you are a recreational paddler or a sport kayaker, you will gain valuable leadership experience through scenarios and exercises. This will increase your ability to make decisions and improve your safety on the water.

And then hit the water, most importantly, it’s about getting the most fun out of the experience, feeling in control and getting wherever you want to go!

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See you soon,
Nick Castro