Marine Weather Guide – Pacific Coast

By Nick on May 24, 2012

Here is the new Marine Weather Guide by Environment Canada. Follow this link to their website and you’ll be able to download it in HTML or PDF format.
Those maps gives you all the info to make sense of the Marine Weather Forecast broadcasted on the VHF radio on Vancouver Island.
You are able to see all the Weather Stations locations, marine areas forecast….

-The Regular Forecast includes detailed forecast wind speed and direction, weather and visibility, and any wind and freezing spray warnings in effect for the current and following day. (Days 1 and 2)

-The Extended Forecast includes a general description of expected wind conditions for the period from the end of the Regular Forecast to the end of the fifth day of the forecast period. (Days 3 to 5)

-The Technical Marine Synopsis gives a general picture of the position and motion of the main weather features (lows, highs, fronts).

-The Marine Weather Statement informs of potentially hazardous conditions and/or significant weather features.

-The Wave Height Forecast describes the expected significant wave height rather than the maximum wave height. Significant wave height is defined as the average of the highest one-third of all waves. Wave heights are described in metres and are measured from trough to crest. Maximum wave heights may be twice as high as the significant wave height.

-The NAVTEX Forecast is a shortened version of the marine forecast products. It is transmitted by the Canadian Coast Guard and primarily intended for international users in Canadian waters.

Those maps are used in our Sea Kayak Instruction courses for beginners in Victoria BC, to help participants understand the information given during the Forecast.

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