The Essentials

For information on Tides visit Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

For information on Marine Weather visit Environment Canada.

For information on Regular Weather visit Farmzone.

I’ve found this website to be extremely accurate in their predictions of precipitations and cloud cover.  Always nice when they say “rain” to know if it’s for 2 minutes or all day long.  They also have a history tab, so you can check the averages from past years before you plan a one week trip, can come in handy!

For Information about The BC Marine Trails

Designed by paddlers, to ensure continued coastal access by paddlers.

The Awesome

 Big Wave Dave is a website for all those weather geeks, it houses an amazing amount of data.  All the weather station around Vancouver Island are at your fingertips.  There is a lot of information and you can spend hours looking around but if you use the link above it takes you to the Island Map Marine Weather station, just hover on top of the arrow of the location you are interested in… et voila!

Paddling Instructor is great for keeping you posted on all the winter sea kayaking news, industry development, gear, and almost anything else related to water as long as it’s pertinent and/or funny.
BC Kayaker is a local website that presents a lot of information we should always keep an eye on such as the weather, tides and currents, surf predictions, as well as a number of nice links, articles, and web cams.
 AGKM,  a Spanish Kayaking Association with Ties in Canada
Kayak Paddling is a fun website with a 3D strokes demonstration that shows and explains in text: turning, strokes, rescues, and rolling.  I don’t completely agree with everything but it is definitely a nice visual piece of work.
On Kayak is fun blog that is visually appealing, funny, diverse, with lots of awesome images and videos, and news from all over the place.  In their archives there is easily enough information and funny articles to keep you busy for a full winter – I love it!
If you want to work in the sea kayaking industry you will be availing yourself of SKILS for all your guide certification, courses, and much much more.  This company is composed of some of the best paddlers in the world – well… I think.  Have a look at their resumes on the website and peruse the available information – your satisfaction guaranteed!
For information on new gear, used gear swaps and general information visit MEC
Follow the paddling adventures of Mike Jackson while reading his journal, it’s a full on GPS tracking experience from the water.