Kayak Topics

This website is designed to offer as much information as possible for beginner paddlers.

There are lots of questions and different areas of the sport so when you’re starting out it can be difficult to gather good info. For a start, you should find your answers right here, in our Kayak Topics section. For even more information go to our Resources section.

Our kayak topics are divided into nine chapters to make it easy for you. The complete section is a handbook I wrote for my students taking the Level 1 course.

If you like it let us know, and soon you’ll be able to download the complete handbook.

Good reading!!!

If you are an intermediate or advanced paddler, I am afraid this will not help a lot, it would keep me away from the water for too long to write a section for you! But you can always e-mail me with your questions or ask for a post on the blog related to the issue you want to learn about.