All things from the Ocean….

By Nick on June 14, 2012

Just a very cool picture… The serie of posts ” All things from the Ocean” is part of an on-going project of mine to display amazing images picturing our oceans around the world and the wildlife it sustains.

Here you can see the sharks swimming in a ball of fish trying to keep their distances.[...]

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The new video…

By Nick on June 8, 2012

Many of the pictures you see on this site have been taken with a GoPro Camera,

And all the videos produced by Active Sea Kayaking are partly (if not mostly) shot with thte GoPro as well,
so I was asked a few month back to write an article for Ocean Paddler magazine about “how to [...]

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Marine store in town….

By Nick on June 8, 2012

A quick Blurb about TROTAC, a marine store in Victoria BC,
Trotac has been around for a long time but they have just moved to a new location, and as I am doing some modifications on 1 of my kayak, I was hunting for parts.
The shop is now much bigger, full of staff that [...]

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Telegraph Cove

By Nick on June 6, 2012


Just coming back from a trip in the Johnstone strait area, where we paddled beautiful calm waters, camped in amazing spots, and saw great views of black bears almost every day.
But this post is more about the Whale Interpretive Centre in Telegraph cove,

There was some amazing skeletons display of every kind of [...]

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Marine Weather Guide – Pacific Coast

By Nick on May 24, 2012

Here is the new Marine Weather Guide by Environment Canada. Follow this link to their website and you’ll be able to download it in HTML or PDF format.
Those maps gives you all the info to make sense of the Marine Weather Forecast broadcasted on the VHF radio on Vancouver Island.
You are able to see all the Weather [...]

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Dare to be Deep

By Nick on May 7, 2012

A campaign by Do something small to save something big!

“Sometimes, to make real change happen, we have to take risks. We have to be daring.

In partnership with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, we’re working to inspire 12,000 Canadians across the country who believe deeply in the future of Canada’s marine ecosystems. [...]

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