How long until it’s gone???

By Nick on October 1, 2012

A quick look at how long it takes for some of the most common garbage left in the ocean to decompose or at least be invisible…[...]

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Kayak for a Cure: In Victoria Sept 9th

By Nick on August 15, 2012

A cool Event for paddlers: Kayak for a Cure. If you follow the link you can Sign up for the event or Donate.

Event Information
Kayak for a Cure™ Victoria 2011 supporting Cancer patients and their families was a great success, thank you to our generous donors, paddlers, volunteers and sponsors !

Kayak for a [...]

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Photo of a Life Time…

By Nick on July 25, 2012

In the serie “All things from The Ocean ” comes this stunning shot of a Whale shark!

A magnificent and unique split-level image showing a colossal whale shark just beneath a small yacht is being passed around on Facebook, with some users expressing skepticism about its authenticity. That’s mainly because [...]

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Discovery Island park to be closed to visitors because of wolf

By Nick on July 24, 2012

Discovery Island is a BC Park accessible to sea kayakers from Victoria.  Other than timing the Currents to avoid being pushed around, and watching for any change in weather (because the area get a fair amount of strong winds), the distance to Discovery island has made it a great paddling destination, for the day or the weekend.  Once you [...]

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Canoe &Kayak Awards

By Nick on July 20, 2012


Canoe&Kayak, the magazine, is putting on a little friendly competiton for a few categories: Go Vote to promote and shape the future.

-Female paddle of the Year: I had to Vote to JUSTINE CURGENVEN because of the “This is the Sea” series that I think have had a huge (and positive) Impact on the paddling world. Plus [...]

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The Ikkatsu Expedition

By Nick on July 18, 2012

The Ikkatsu project: Three kayakers traveling the roadless coast of the Olympic Peninsula, documenting the debris from the tsunami as it washes ashore on remote Northwest beaches. Working in cooperation with several different scientific organizations, including NOAA and the Coastal Watershed Institute, it is our hope that information gleaned from this adventure will add to our [...]

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