Tide Race 101

By Nick on January 4, 2013

Tide race courses 2013:

Dates: March 2-3 // April 13-14
Cost: $300, 3 participants maximum. Contact us for group pricing.

A tide race is a very chaotic area of water, where the dynamics are confusing. It takes either swell or wind waves running against a good amount of current to create a tide race. As a result you are looking at [...]

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Sea kayak Current courses.

By Nick on January 3, 2013

Current 101

Dates: Feb 2-3  // March 2-3 -4 //  April 13-14
Cost: $300, 3 participants max. Contact us for group pricing.

Current 101 is not only for newbies. We see lots of great sea kayakers looking completely lost in currents, or just not getting a lot of fun out of it. If I ask them if they [...]

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Environment Canada Marine Survey

By Nick on December 6, 2012

To: Boating and Marine Associations, Their Members and Mariners

Re: Marine Weather Services Survey: Please participate and share with other Mariners


Environment Canada (EC) is responsible for providing marine weather and ice information, and issuing all marine weather alerts for Canadian waters. Environment Canada is committed to understanding the needs of mariners. We are [...]

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Skook course 2013

By Nick on December 4, 2012

 Surfing Standing waves

In 2013 we are going to run a few Skook courses.

If you are not familiar with Skook, or Skookumchuck Narrows, then this is probably not a course for you.
Dates: Program Geared toward both international paddlers and local paddlers. April 21-22-13  //  June 2-3-possibly 4  //  July 29-30-31
Cost: $200/300 per day [...]

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BC Marine Trails Network

By Nick on October 30, 2012


Designed by paddlers, to ensure continued coastal access by paddlers.

This is a very important issue as you can imagine the price of prime ocean access real estate properties are going up, and soon there would no where to stop and pitch a  tent…

the BCMTN mission:

The BC Marine Trails Network Association is [...]

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Just for fun…. Surfing Sea Kayak Trick….

By Nick on October 22, 2012

Can you tell what’s happening????? This is a still picture “stolen ” from a video caught on my last trip surfing in Tofino. This is what happen when the wave is a little too steep and the front of the boat buries under water, while the wave keep moving forward. So Undo, and then during the [...]

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